About the Instructor

Keith Mylett at the APK headquarters in D.C. for the Instructor Certification Program
Keith Mylett is the owner/instructor of Keiki Parkour.  His training began with Ozzi and the other instructors of Hawaii Parkour.  Keith completed two Hawaii Parkour 6 week bootcamps and attends HIPK classes somewhat regularly.  Last year, Keith become the adviser of the first Hawaii public high school parkour club, the Kalani Parkour Club which is still going strong in its second year.  In the summer of 2012, Keith successfully completed the American Parkour Instructor Certification Program in the APK headquarters in Washington D.C.  In that same summer he led the first ever parkour workshop at the Great Blue Heron Music Festival in Western NY.  Keith started Keiki Parkour in September 2012.  He is a long time public middle and high school English/yearbook teacher and the proud father of a five year old traceur (parkour practitioner).

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