Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Is Keiki Parkour right for your child?

Many parents are hesitant to sign their child up for a parkour class.  What is parkour?  How will my child benefit?  Is it worth it?  Well let me tackle those three questions for you.

1) Our parkour classes consist of fun ninja skills in the form of body conditioning, parkour instruction/practice/training, and childish games.  Push ups, running, jumping, rolling, climbing, playing are all designed to one, have fun, and two, get more fit.  Parkour skills taught and practiced will get them to use that fitness and apply it in a way that overcomes obstacles and fears in as safe a manner as possible.  Safety vaults, pop ups, cartwheels, parkour rolls, kong vaults, lazy vaults, cat leaps, tic tacs are all impressive moves that make kids feel awesome.  The games put all of this together and really get the them sweaty.  Lava, ninja, freeze, and zombie are just some of the tag variations.  Parkour musical chairs is a non-stop sweat fest for the keiki - with a side of huge smiles.  No two classes are the same

2) Your child will benefit from getting their blood pumping outside away from any video games or television.  Parkour is a video game in real life.  You get to level up, but not on a screen - in your own body and mind.  Being in beautiful Kapiolani Park, building confidence, burning up all that crazy kid excess energy, breaking a sweat, and again - having fun - are the benefits.

3) So, is it worth it?  Of course!  Your kids get active, you get to watch, or sit down and enjoy the park - read a book, stretch, go for a jog (after I get to know your child please).  The cost isn't that much - especially with the multi-class passes.  Parking is easy, and you and your child will feel rejuvenated from getting out of the house and enjoying our spectacular Hawaiian environment.  So what are you waiting for?  Sign up today!

Move and Play - Keith / Keiki Parkour LLC