Monday, February 18, 2013

Jumping in to Keiki Parkour - Honolulu Family Magazine

Ashley from Honolulu Family Magazine brought her daughter to class a few weeks ago and wrote an awesome review.  Her daughter was rocking some serious ninja skills.  Check out the link below and then like Honolulu Mom on Facebook while you're at it.

Jumping in to Keiki Parkour - Honolulu Family Magazine

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Six Seconds of Keiki Parkour

Check out this short Vine video of Bodhi doing parkour. I'm such a proud dad! I hope to make some more Vines of my other little ninjas to post in the future!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Can Kids Be Too Healthy?

Keiki Parkour's answer to that question is NO!

The effects of burpees and carrots are...controversial?
According to this Nightline video, there is some controversy about CJ The Workout Kid and his physique.  Some suspect that his toned muscles are "too much" for a ten year old.  CJ does no more than an hour of body weight exercises and promotes eating fruits and veggies, no junk food,  and "just a little" candy.  How can that possibly be a bad thing?  He looks good because he lives a true healthy lifestyle.  Even though CJ doesn't practice parkour - kudos to him for trying to make kids live up to their true human potential in a natural way.

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